Ability Before Disability

Summit Wellness enjoys teaming up with organizations to create fun and memorable outdoor adventures. Aaron Ogden has been involved in organizing various enjoyable as well as challenging adventures all across Utah. Robbin Clark, Expanded Core Curriculum Coordinator at Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, has teamed up with Aaron on several occasions to design adventures that students with vision and hearing impairments can participate in. 

Robbin Clark & Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind

Robbin Clark is in charge of creating special curriculum that meets the educational needs of students with vision and hearing impairments. She runs program during the summer as well as throughout the school year. These programs engage and strengthen youth.

Robbin first met Aaron at a sports convention. Since she is constantly looking for activities and events that her students can participate in, she was intrigued by Aaron’s passion for outdoor adventures. Aaron was able to see ability before disability. 

Teaming Up with Summit Wellness

Aaron Ogden has since been involved in 5 big projects with Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. These projects include teaching students to repel, paddle board, ski, and river raft. These adventures are planned by choosing a place and activity that people wouldn’t think that students with blindness or deafness would or could go. Oftentimes, society doesn’t look at kids with blindness or deafness as individuals capable of doing normal activities. It is important to note that students with vision and hearing impairments are normal people. They may need to use a white cane to do what other students do, but they are just as capable of participating in these adventures. Remember, ability before disability. 

Before students go on these outdoor adventures, they are cautioned of the upcoming obstacles they are about to face. They are given the tools and training they need in order to overcome these obstacles. Life is an adventure, and it is important to be tested and pushed to see what we are truly capable of.  

Make Adventure Happen

The goal of Summit Wellness is to make sure that adventures and programs are challenging for participants. Challenges increase an individual’s strength. Challenges help individuals to build confidence in themselves. The adventures these students were involved in not only helped them to overcome obstacles, but they were also able to show other students, family members, teachers, and the community that it is not the end of the world just because you have a vision or hearing impairment. 

Robbin enjoyed working with Summit Wellness because Aaron is consistently ready and happy to make outdoor adventures happen. Ready to make adventure happen in your life? See how Summit Wellness can help you make memories and experience your life to the fullest here

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