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Create a Corporate Culture that Fosters Healthy Living

We believe each person has unlimited potential to achieve far more than they feel is possible. In order to reach that potential, one must be able to envision their dream, embark on the journey, navigate and persevere through the storms, reach their summit and then use the momentum gained to create a new vision. This is a Summit Journey.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to obtaining the Summit Journey. Well-balanced nutrition, fitness, and mental health are the tools needed for achievement.

We believe when great effort is put into reaching personal summits, grand rewards will follow.

What Makes our Corporate Program Different?


Our process includes in-depth health analysis with nutrition and fitness plans built around the science of each individual’s body.


We provide the education needed to successfully implement the individual employee’s and company’s plans.


We help companies develop a health conscious work environment and improve the working culture by involving employees in preparing for and participating in summit journeys together.


Programs are frequently evaluated and modified to meet the company’s objectives.


We connect corporations and individual employees to their Summit Journey

Our Process


  • Goals and Summits Journeys are envisioned to create the culture and outcomes desired.
  • Outcomes, activities and rewards are determined.
  • The big picture is defined.


  • We determine a baseline body composition, nutrition, fitness, mental health and general health status of each employee.
  • Each employee is placed in a health risk category.
  • We collaborate to establish healthy eating, fitness and mental health plans to accomplish Summit Journeys.
  • The company and individuals employees commit to plans presented.


  • The company is equipped with the necessary data to monitor progress
  • Employees are equipped with their nutrition, fitness, and mental health programs
  • Employees are equipped with everything necessary to participate in the Summit Journey.


  • With the support of Summit Wellness, the company and the employees will fully engage in their plans
  • Coaching, educational classes, fitness classes, challenges, counseling, and other services and activities as outlined in your plan.


  • Employees will participate in the established Summit Journey
  • Established rewards are awarded for company and employee progress


  • Re-evaluation takes place to facilitate continued information and motivation
  • Recovery and reflection are facilitated
  • Continue healthy behaviors

New Vision

  • New Summit Journeys are identified
  • New plans are made
  • Bring others along
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