Individual Programs

Creating a Personal Lifestyle that Fosters Healthy Living Habits

Summit Wellness connects individuals to their greatest potential through self-development in nutrition, fitness and Summit Journeys.

We believe all individuals:

  •      Are whole and capable
  •      Can leverage their strengths
  •      Are authentic in their desire to improve
  •      Desire to be successful

We work directly with you to build the program that is right for you.  We evaluate your needs, establish a plan, equip you will all you need to be successful, stay fully engaged with you as you execute your plan and energize you with continued support. We reevaluate and reestablish your plans as necessary to ensure continued momentum


What Makes our Individual Program Different?


We help you connect with your dreams and passions and build a program around getting you there


We provide the education and support needed to successfully implement your plan


Our process includes in-depth health analysis with nutrition and fitness plans built around the science of your body


We provide adventure experiences that provide inspiration and motivation to engage in a new healthy lifestyle

Our Process


  • Your goals and your Summits Journey are established.
  • Your desired outcomes are determined.
  • You define the big picture.


  • Your baseline body composition, nutrition, fitness, mental health and general health is assessed.
  • You establish, with the help of Summit Wellness, healthy eating, fitness and mental health plans to accomplish your chosen Summit Journey.
  • You commit to a plan specifically created for you.


  • You are equipped with a nutrition, fitness, and mental health program.
  • You are equipped with strategy, skills and knowledge necessary for your Summit Journey.


  • You fully engage in your plan with the support of Summit Wellness.
  • You will receive coaching, educational classes, fitness classes, challenges, counseling and other services and activities as outlined in your plan.


  • You participate in your established Summit Journey.


  • Your recovery and reflection are enabled.
  • You are re-evaluated to facilitate continued information and motivation.
  • You continue healthy behaviors.

New Vision

  • Your new Summit Journeys are identified.
  • You make new plans.
  • You bring others along.
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