Guess What!? Summit Wellness has Kokopelli Packrafts

Packrafting is basically a combination of backpacking and rafting to access lakes and rivers.  Packrafting opens the door to multi-activity adventure combinations that are only limited by your imagination.

This last week Aaron Ogden, Summit Wellness founder, took the packrafts for their inaugural run down 40 miles of the  Escalante River while exploring side canyons along the way.

Buckle up people,  Aaron is pretty excited about the packraft adventure combinations.  He has already announced the 3 day fly fishing trip down the Henry’s Fork in August.  Training will start in late June.  If you would like more information contact Aaron at 801.243.1791

He is also is going to announce a class to learn the basics of packrafting toward midsummer.  This will allow Summit Wellness members to use the rafts for their own self developed adventures.

I have observed and experienced  that every human is born with an instinctive trait to explore, to see what’s at the top because we can, to look around the next corner because we might find something that no one else has, to attempt something that seems beyond our human limits and find out that it was possible.  People have had this trait since the dawn of mankind. And history has shown that it is not just isolated to one demographic or society. All humans have this gravitational pull to explore.”

Aaron Ogden


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