Jan and Denise

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go hiking with a group who has worked with Aaron, Summit Wellness’ Chief Fitness Officer. Among others, the group consisted of two women named Jan and Denise. Friends from high school, they kept in touch over the years; these days they spend most of their time together doing the one thing they never thought they would do: hiking the Wasatch Range.



Jan’s story begins four years ago. Aaron convinced her to go on an “easy” snowshoeing trip, her first ever hiking experience. The “easy” trek for Aaron turned out to be extremely difficult for Jan; snowshoeing 10 in snow straight up a mountain.

After forgiving Aaron, and with a little help from a Summit Wellness intern, Jan slowly got over her fear of the mountains, eventually learning to enjoy the beautiful Wasatch Range. Learning that hiking is way more rewarding when shared, Jan recruited Denise; a friend that would turn into a long term hiking buddy. Looking past on the last four years, Jan and Denise can proudly say they’ve hiked every week!

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