The Story of 62-Year-Old Craig

The Story of 62-Year-Old Craig

Have you ever seen The Man From Snowy River? You know that scene where the rookie of the group, while the other experienced mountain men watch,  jumps over the steep ledge to catch his share of brumbies? Such a good lesson. Sometimes you have to take risks to get what you want!

Now picture a 62 year old man on skis. He’s on the on the ledge of a huge ridge, where avalanches are very possible. Again he’s in the midst of experienced mountain men, and yet he is the first to jump. Craig had a one-year dream of skiing in the backcountry and now, in the midst of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges, he was finally doing it.

3 days. 19.2 miles. Over 7,000ft elevation gain. All backcountry skiing in the Grand Tetons.



Here we have Craig on a day of training (left), and him  dropping into the bowl.


Along with the Summit Wellness team Craig was able to reach his goal through extensive preparation.

“Day after day after day, there has to be this undeviating commitment to goals and preparation, even overcoming the doubt and wondering if the discomfort will be worth it. It required months of training to be physically prepared for three days of leg-burning, deep powder skiing. … Craig’s hard work had finally become worth every drop of perspiration, every stair stepped, and every leg workout.  It was even worth the sacrificed Mountain Dews.  He realized the benefits of his commitment and hard work.  Before the day was over, he was already talking about and planning next year’s trip. ” -Aaron Ogden (Chief Fitness Officer)



This is what we do at Summit Wellness. We take people who have a dream and we make it a reality.  At first we walk in front. Then we walk beside. Then we walk behind. Then we say goodbye.

What is your summit? If you could do anything, what would you do?

Let’s do it together.




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